VIDEO: Black Milk On Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette

Black Milk takes part in Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette series and makes something dope out of three (well, two) random records he picked blindfolded.

I’m gonna level with you guys – I LOVE Black Milk, so when I found out he was appearing on Rhythm Roulette, I went a little crazy. Of course I wasn’t disappointed and you won’t be either after witnessing arguably the best Rhythm Roulette episode yet as Black picked out three records completely blindfolded. Like most producers before him, his selections weren’t exactly saying much and the devastation on his face was apparent when the one good record – Herb Alpert’s Magic Man – was so beat up, he had to discard it. The resulting beat he made, however, will blow you away and with any luck, he’ll find a clean copy of that Herb joint and lace that too.

Stream it below and peep the records after the jump.

Rhythm Roulette: Black Milk

Records chosen

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