DarkoTheSuper – Wig Twisting Season (Beat by MF DOOM)


DarkoTheSuper marks the 15th anniversary of MF Doom’s Operation: Doomsday with a new tribute album, “Wig Twisting Season”. Here’s the title track, also a free download.

We kicked it with DarkoTheSuper in an interview a few weeks ago and learnt about the inspiration behind his monikers and his love for DOOM. Now it looks like he’s extended that admiration with a brand new album dedicated to the 15 year anniversary of the Masked One’s classic Operation: Doomsday. For the title track, Darko has taken DOOM’s Red and Gold instrumental and laced it with his own brand of crazy rhymes, name dropping everything from NBA Live to Lou Ferrigno. Pop culture isn’t safe when Darko’s on the mic.

Stream/download it below.

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