Review: The Hell Hole Store - Three The Hard Way

We reviewed The Hell Hole Store’s Three The Hard Way. Greetings, everyone. The holidays are finally over, or almost over if you work in a grocery store. However, there’s one gift left under the tree. There was no name on the wrapper, so I took it, opened it, disposed of all evidence of my sin, …


One Word Answers: Darko The Super & ialive

One Word Answers returns with Darko The Super and ialive of The Hell Hole Store. This feature has proved popular and today’s one word answers come from Darko The Super and ialive aka The Hell Hole Store. The first answer will be Darko’s and the second ialive’s. Enjoy! 1. What’s your favorite colour? Blue / …


Review: The Hell Hole Store - Return To The Hell Hole

Bobby Brusberg reviewed The Hell Hole Store’s Return To The Hell Hole. Sometimes hip-hop music doesn’t need to address societal or political issues to be powerful. I’m not sure if anyone has addressed environmental issues in their music yet. But they will. The current state of the USA is ripe for musical commentary, but sometimes …

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All These Fingers - Canteen Tape

All These Fingers is back with a new album called Canteen Tape. Only a month after dropping Doc Fingers, a collab with our own Doc Heller aka DarkoTheSuper, All These Fingers has returned with a new solo tape. Entitled Canteen Tape, it’s packed with more of the usual wonky samples and gruff drum patterns. If …

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Mecca:83 – Ain’t Done To Bad

Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 arguably saves the best for last for his final album – Ain’t Done To Bad – with guest stars Buscrates, Jneiro Jarel and Doc Mastermind.

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DarkoTheSuper - Dumb (Feat. Pyramid Vritra)

DarkoTheSuper is back once again with Dumb, a crazy new track featuring Stones Throw’s Pyramid Vritra. Our spiritual son DarkoTheSuper has done it yet again with another fine performance but he’s not alone this time. The Keystone State rapper/producer has joined forces with Pyramid Vritra for his latest track Dumb, a creation only Darko could conjure …