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Mecca:83 – Ain’t Done To Bad

Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 arguably saves the best for last for his final album – Ain’t Done To Bad – with guest stars Buscrates, Jneiro Jarel and Doc Mastermind.

Well this was sad to hear this morning. Mecca:83, a producer who has given us some amazing hip hop over the years announced his retirement from music yesterday and with it a last salvo in the form of Ain’t Done To Bad. Like many of us, the reasons for his departure are due to time constraints: work, family, record label, radio show. As a thank you to all his fans, Ain’t Done To Bad is a “24-track celebration of his music” with the likes of Question, Doc Mastermind (aka DarkoTheSuper) and über-special guest Jneiro Jarel making appearances. If life without Mecca:83 was to be our “Lent”, this album would surely be our Pancake Day as the producer throws in the tasty remains from his musical larder cupboard.

Stream it below and dig deep. I think I have something in my eye…

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