Written by Luke Alex Davis 11:14 pm Hip Hop

Darko The Super Launches Kickstarter For His Label, U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art

Darko The Super Launches Kickstarter For His Label, U Don't Deserve This Beautiful Art

It’s tough out there for an indie label. Stones Throw has often acted as a blueprint for indies on how to survive in tough economic times. But not many can keep going as costs increase and maintaining sales becomes more difficult. Our good friend Darko The Super and his label U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art could well fall into this category despite a rich roster and catalogue as deep as a rich man’s pockets. Ironically, that’s precisely what they need.

Darko has launched a Kickstarter to raise $10k for general running of the label. This includes:

  • Vinyl pressing
  • Cassette duplication
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Promo
  • Web design
  • Online Content
  • Digital distribution
  • Packaging and Shipping

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, Darko is giving away numerous rewards depending on what you pledge. Everything from album downloads to autographed CDs and the big one – $5000 gets you executive producer rights for life, a private show, a personal album, and a bunch of other shit.

Darko understands 12 months doesn’t make a label and stagnation can affect them as much as the next guys. But with your help, they hope to achieve a “successful business model of getting obscure artists greater recognition.” It’s the kind of ethos that flows through Sampleface so UDDTBA gets our support.

Pledge to the UDDTBA Kickstarter here.