Tobacco Company Challenge Stones Throw Over Jonwayne Cassette


Phillip Morris, the guys behind tobacco giants Marlboro, handed Stones Throw a cease and desist letter over Jonwayne’s Cassette cover.

The concept behind sampling needn’t be about music. Yesterday, Stones Throw published an article on their website about the lawyers from Philip Morris (in charge of brands like Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Cambridge, Chesterfield, Players and others) serving the label with a cease & desist letter “citing infringing use of their ‘distinctive font’ and two registered U.S. trademarks: their insignia, and the pyramid shape”. That’s right – the pyramid shape belongs to them. They also ordered Stones Throw to send the remaining copies over to an authorised destruction centre, because god forbid anyone buys a copy and doesn’t buy any of their harmful cigarettes.

In the meantime, Jonwayne has put together a second batch of tracks under the name Cassette 2. According to ST, it’ll comprise of “36 minutes of rap tracks featuring Jonwayne, Jermiah Jae, Zeroh and Quelle”. Again, only on cassette – no mp3, CD or vinyl and “totally free of any possible trademark issues”. Wait, doesn’t that logo look familiar?

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