Written by Luke Alex Davis 9:34 pm Video

VIDEO: J Dilla’s Collection On Crate Diggers


The episode we’ve all been waiting for – J Dilla’s vinyl collection for all to see on Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers.

This is probably one of two episodes of Crate Diggers we’ve all been wanting to see and since an episode with the elusive Madlib is near impossible (could Fuse TV really keep him long enough to discuss his collection that weighs two tons?), I’m sure this will more than make up for that. Today’s is a special edition on Dilla’s vinyl collection, with words from friends, family and confidants including House Shoes, J Rocc and co. It’s also worth noting that this portion of his collection has never been seen in public since it went into storage. We’re talking music archaeology here.

Stream it below.