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Starchildluke – VENOMTAPE

Starchildluke - VENOMTAPE

The UK producer drops the second album from his #Road2Switch series.

We covered Starchildluke’s last album, Boas Festas, when it came out for Christmas. His aim was to release one album a month in 2019 for his #Road2Switch series, a fund created to buy a Nintendo Switch. January’s album is called VENOMTAPE and uses a variety of rock samples and frantic samples. Inspired by Madlib’s Rock Konducta project, expect some psychedelic rock, krautrock, math rock, jazz rock, and a few Randy Savage promos to glue the project together.

But why Venom? Here’s what he had to say:

“Venom is my favourite supervillain not called DOOM and I wanted to show my love in the best way I could: through music. Using rock samples also got me out of my comfort zone.”


VENOMTAPE is available on Bandcamp and lead single “Flash’s Theme” is on Spotify now. Stream the album below.


  1. VNM I
  2. Birth of Venom
  3. Crowbar
  4. Hybrid
  5. VNM II
  6. Eddie Brock Blues
  7. Riot
  8. VNM III
  9. Toxxxin
  10. Flash’s Theme
  11. Symbiote
  12. VNM IV
  13. Lasha
  14. Caarnijj
  15. Agony
  16. VNM V