FREE DOWNLOAD: Boora – The Art Of 10 Seconds (Part One)


Russian producer Boora has released The Art Of 10 Seconds, the first part of a free beat compilation made up of 70s Soviet jazz.

Boora’s new beat tape is entrenched in nostalgia. For a start, he decided to make the entire compilation solely on his SP-1200, which instantly gets our vote and then there’s the choice of samples: 70s jazz from the Soviet Union, movie dialogues and weird and wonderful sounds from Soviet labels. The result of this archaic union is a lot of vinyl crackle and murky beats with plenty of bass and warmth, along with the bizarre sounds of a fallen Russian empire. As far as history goes, this one is even more interesting when you look past the actual music. Boora’s full-length album will be available on vinyl later this year on Blunted Astronaut Records.

In the meantime, stream/download part one below.

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