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Buzzfeed’s 24 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Vinyl Collection


Everyone’s favourite website Buzzfeed give their selection of 24 things you should know before starting a vinyl collection.

We’ve discussed the resurgence of vinyl records on a number of occasions and it seemed fitting that Buzzfeed, one of the biggest sites on the internet right now, would jump on the vinyl steam train and give a few tips to those wishing to start a collection. The list is quite comprehensive in explaining both the technical and cultural aspects of starting a vinyl collection and while some hardened audiophiles might grumble over a few details in the list (regarding differences between belt drives and direct drives in turntables and what kinds of turntables to get), it’s great for anyone starting out with minimal experience.

Head over to Buzzfeed’s vinyl article to read it in full here and check out one of the greatest vinyl collections of all time below.