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‘With its one of a kind sampling engine, unique multi-effects and tape style looper, CHOMPI is ready for immediate FUN.’

Introducing... ✨CHOMPI✨

CHOMPI is a sampler and tape music instrument that comes with unique multi-FX and a tape style looper. It comes as part of CHOMPI Club, founded by Tobias and Chelsea who strive for “Self-Expression Through Sound Design”.

We care about making the world a better, more inclusive place. Our goal is to help people interact with sound design as a language – giving them tools and entry points to express themselves. As both a club and a business, we invite you to join us in crafting a culture of kindness, exploration, and playful expression.

Tech specs

• USB-C power

• Built-in mic (with a high gain pre-amp)

• Micro SD Card for sample storage

• 3.5mm stereo aux input

• 3.5mm stereo line output

• 3.5mm headphone output

• 3.5mm and/or USB-C MIDI In & Out

Did I mention that it comes in pink? Because it comes in pink. Prices start at $499.99 via Kickstarter ($599.99 otherwise) for the original black version and $599.99 for the pink one via Kickstarter ($699.99 otherwise).

Update: the samplers on Kickstarter have sold out! Here’s hoping they make it to general release.

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