THROWBACK THURSDAY: 'Come On, Be My Baby Tonight' (by David from The Real World: New Orleans)


Come On Be My Baby Tonight (David, The Real World: New Orleans - MTV)

Who remembers David from The Real World: New Orleans and his rendition of Come On Be My Baby Tonight? I was recently reminded of it via Instagram and it’s so cringey and hilarious and an iconic throwback to the 00s. Here’s an excerpt from his bio on the Real World Wikipedia page:

David is an African-American singer who works out every day, does not drink or smoke, has a 4.0 grade point average, and aspires to be the first black President of the United States, a mindset he achieved after bouncing back from the heartbreak of a breakup with the girl of his dreams.

And the reactions made the whole thing even funnier:

I don’t want to blow up, I don’t wanna get pissed off but this doesn’t work.

But 3 years later, it did work as he appeared on Chappelle’s Show where he performed the same song. And now David is Tokyo Parker and he seems to be doing well.

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