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Constrobuz – beats vol.6


Back again, back again, that man Constrobuz is back again with another instalment into his beats discography.  The new tape beats vol.6 is doper than dope itself.

We’ve featured North Carolina’s Constrobuz on a couple of occasions now and each time we do, he just gets better and better. Long story short, Constrobuz dropped beats vol.6 today.  I won’t beat around the bush, y’all:  this is an absolutely astonishing album.  I personally defy anyone to get through the first seven tracks without needing to massage some Tiger Balm to rejuvenate the muscles in their neck.  Seriously.  This is the kind of album that gets emcees itching to break out the pens and pads and/or start a cypher, even if it’s on their lonesome.  There truly are too many standout tracks to list here but if I were to choose a favourite, it’d have to be Sensual Hot Tub SceneHot Tub features a magnificent grand piano flip that beggars belief.  When said piano is combined with swinging rhythm and a gorgeous ambient pad, you’re left in complete agreement with the opening vocal sample (“I’ve got it all with you.”).

Frankly, you needed this beat tape in your life last week but as it’s only just been released, we’ll let you off just this once.  Do not pass ‘Go,’ do not collect £200, go straight to the dude’s Bandcamp page and cop this tape.  Constrobuz has made beats vol.6 as a pay-what-you-want type affair but I’d implore you all to throw the man a few quid for what is an exceptional collection of powerful, neck-snapping, soul-stirring compositions.

Take a bow, Constrobuz.  This shizz is officially on my Album Of The Year shortlist.

Stream beats vol.6 below: