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Word Up! Data Scientist Maps Out The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop


Data scientist Matt Daniels has examined rappers and their lexicon and discovers who has the largest vocabulary in hip hop.

It’s fair to say words play a pivotal role in hip hop music. Contexts have changed over the years but you just can’t beat a fine example of wordplay, no matter what the topic and a data scientist named Matt Daniels has used this as the foundation of an interesting test. Using William Shakespeare and Herman Melville (author of Moby Dick) as a benchmarks, Daniels analysed the vocabulary of 85 rappers to see how many unique words they used. We won’t reveal the rapper with the largest vocabulary but we can say it’s not 2Pac. In fact, you may be surprised where he placed. On the other side, Wu Tang performed magnificently in the test proving once and for all that Wu Tang ain’t nothin’ to fuck wit’.

Anyway, head over to Matt’s website to find the answer.