Derive - The App That Tracks Samples In A New Way

Discover the “different-yet-familiar” with Derive, a prototype app that lets you follow the journey of the samples in your favourite songs.


You already know about WhoSampled and their ever-growing list of samples but have you heard of Derive? Proclaimed as the “evolutionary vision for WhoSampled,” according to its creator James Rice he also claims his prototype app is “stripped back, re-grouped and relaunched.” As a slight one-up on Whosampled, Derive will allow you to deconstruct tracks you from places like Spotify, arguably the biggest connection you can have for music right now. The interface and navigation are said to be smooth and we’re really excited for Derive when it finally reaches the beta stage.

For further information on the ins and outs of its construction, head over to Rice’s article on Medium.

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