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DJ Concept – Flight Patterns 2

Flight Patterns 2

DJ Concept offers a sequel to 2012’s ‘Flight Patterns’ in the form of Flight Patterns 2 (obviously).

Four years is a long time in music – just ask Frank Ocean fans. But for DJ Concept, he has been working hard on other releases in that time, from collaborations with Planet Asia to other solo projects. Now the time has come for a follow up to his 2012 joint, Flight Patterns. While the majority of the project is instrumental, the New Yorker has offered a smattering of features including fellow Long Islander John Jigg$, Rome Clientel, singer B. Marshall and Boston’s very own REKS.

The album came about during a flight from New York to Phoenix. But an inconvenient encounter with the TSA made Concept miss his flight and late for a meeting. The ordeal angered him enough to stop listening to music for months but eventually he returned, reunited with the album and finished it off. We’re grateful he did as the project turned out brilliantly. So many albums nowadays feel like a collection of singles rather than a sole entity made up of connecting parts and Flight Patterns 2 falls into the latter category. There’s a fine mix of smooth samples (Dirt Disciples) and stonking beats (Something Unique).

“I’m in a good place in life so it flows easy. I don’t really care about what people think cause I know I make classics. That’s how I think about my creativity […] I just hope I make tracks that people bump forever.” – DJ Concept

Flight Patterns 2 is now available via iTunes and Amazon.