DJ Finesse — B.I.G. Over Premier Mixtape


DJ Finesse presents a mixtape of Biggie acapellas over Premo beats.

The age old question “would Biggie have been as popular were he alive today” will continue to rage on until we’re all worm food but one thing’s for sure, he sounds incredibly dope over DJ Premier beats. DJ Finesse put the whole collection together and while you may have heard those raps a million and one times, you won’t have heard them quite like this before.

Stream/download it below and peep the tracklist.

DJ Finesse — B.I.G. Over Premier Mixtape Tracklist:

1. DJ Premier Intro
2. Flava In Ya Ear rmx over I Gave You Power
3. Big Poppa over Ex To Next Girl
4. Dead Wrong over 2 Thousand
5. 10 Crack Commandments over One Day
6. Who Shot Ya over Come Clean
7. All About The Benjamins over Supa Dupa Star (1994 Demo Version)
8. One More Chance over Recognize
9. Long Kiss Goodnight over You Know My Steez
10. Things Done Changed over The Format
11. I Got A Story To Tell over Shit Is Real
12. Real Niggas over Ready
13. Juicy over Nas Is Like
14. One More Chance rmx over Freaky Flow
15. Warning (Freestyle) over Mind Ya Business
16. ’95 Freestyle (7 Mac 11′s) over Who Got Gunz
17. Victory over Project Boy
18. Kick In The Door over Come Get Me
19. Going Back To Cali over The Invincible
20. Mo Money Mo Problems over Golden Child
21. Party And Bullshit over Now Your Mine
22. Unbelievable

(via Egotripland)

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