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DJ Manipulator (feat. Conway) – 2 Drums

DJ Manipulator (feat. Conway) - 2 Drums

DJ Manipulator gives us two jams in one with 2 Drums, featuring Conway.

To get one dope rhythm on a track is one thing, but to pack another one alongside it takes a higher level of craftsmanship. Mass. producer DJ Manipulator was the artisan for this particular job and the result is 2 Drums. For the first half, Manipulator throws some gnarly drums over a choral sample – light and heavy at the same time. NY emcee Conway comes equipped with enough bars to tip the scales in his favour with bars like: “I’m the nigga who you gotta watch how you speak to / Break niggas’ jaws, through a straw he gotta eat soup.” I’m gonna need Obamacare after that burn!

The second half is a little funkier, some added drum fills and more of the same from Conway on the rhymes but still stonking. 2 Drums serves as the first single off his forthcoming debut album, ‘Stranger Than Paradise,’ set to drop early this year.

In the meantime, stream “2 Drums” below.