DJ Premier Remixes Louis Jordan’s 1946 Classic

I’m convinced that if you don’t know who DJ Premier is by now, you’ve got to be in a coma. No one can sleep on this guy for that long and still have their consciousness in tact. 

About two years ago, I got into the game L.A. Noire and absolutely fell in love with everything about it.  I’d soon discover that Rockstar and Verve Records collaborated on a remix album and when I found that out, I had to have it in my life. That’s right: Verve and Rockstar put a call out to the likes of Ticklah, Truth & Soul, Moodyman, and legendary DJ Premier to give us their take on some classic jazz and big band tracks.  L.A. Noire Remixed – a special stand-alone instalment of the Verve Remixed series – was compiled and let me tell you something: it bangs.  However, there is a runaway belter on this remix album and there’s no prizes for which one it is.  That’s right: it’s Premo’s adaptation of Louis Jordan’s 1946 classic performance of Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens.  Anyway, let me stop talking about it and get straight to it.  Play it loud.  I dare you to not dance to this.  You won’t succeed.

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