DOMi & JD Beck – [bc] tm_s not promised (Knxwledge cover)

DOMi & JD Beck

This cover of Knxwledge’s ‘[bc] tm_s not promised’ by DOMi & JD Beck is incredible.

After a shit few days, I was pleasantly surprised to see Knxwledge streaming on Twitch at 10am this morning. The whole stream was awesome but one particular clip he played blew me away.

It featured DOMi & JD Beck covering ‘[bc] tm_s not promised’, the second track off his latest full-length album, 1988. The first thing that shocked me was how similar DOMi’s playing was to the original, from tempo to timbre, alongside JD Beck’s expert drumming. Oh yeah, and he’s 16 years old (DOMi is 19). And then it switched up into some uptempo space jazz before falling into 90s Sega Team soundtrack territory.

I’ve wanted a Nord keyboard for years (even though I can’t play) but performances like this make me want to learn and somehow find the £1000+ to buy one.

Stream the cover below and if you love that, check out their tiny set from June featuring another rendition of [bc] tm_s not promised.

DOMi & JD Beck _ Knxwledge
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