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Kuma Gold – Super Kuma Heat, Vol. 1

Cover for Kuma Gold – Super Kuma Heat, Vol. 1

I hope you brought ice and some burn heal because Kuma Gold has brought the fire and the flames once again on Super Kuma Heat, Vol. 1.

Cover for Kuma Gold – Super Kuma Heat, Vol. 1

Before you could even catch your breath after his last release, Kuma Gold is back with a new beat tape and the first of (hopefully) many.

Super Kuma Heat, Vol. 1 is another example of the producer’s ability to 1) work Super Kuma Fast and 2) make the most out of compositions in less than 2 minutes per song. The tape opens with ‘Beat Goes On’, a slower tempo boom bap joint followed by tracks like ‘2AM In Seattle’ and ‘Angel’ with similar late night feels. You know, the kind of tracks you’d have playing if you were given the aux cord after midnight.

But Kuma mixes things up with a quick jolts of trap and bounce on joints like ‘Power Game’, ‘Askerin’, and ‘Just Like Magic’. Super Kuma Heat, Vol. 1 is begging for repeat plays while we wait for Vol. 2 which, given Kuma’s work rate, might be next month or at least by the end of the year. Not I’m impatient. No, definitely not…

Stream it below.

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