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Donald Fagen being Donald Fagen

donald fagen

But seriously, don’t drink bleach.

I’ve been on a big Donald Fagen/Steely Dan tip over the last year and a bit and I found a couple of videos that encapsulate the Man of Zero Chill.

The first video is Donald’s opinions on Whiplash. The ending is perfect:

Donald Fagen on "whiplash"

And then there’s this Rolling Stone article with the glorious title ‘Donald Fagen on Life in Quarantine: Drinking Bleach and Jazz Records‘:

What are you doing with your unexpected time at home?
I’m hangin’ tight in the Apple, baby, gargling Clorox under a sunlamp.

What music do you turn to in times of crisis for solace and comfort and why?
Bird and Diz, son, because the rebop is so mega-sweet and I don’t want to be no L-7.

Catch you on the Nightfly!

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