The Sony WM-DD100 Boodo Khan

This might be the best looking Sony Walkman I’ve ever seen.

I found this really cool Sony Walkman on Pinterest and dug a little deeper. The name intrigued me the most and the explanation did not disappoint:

The “Boodo Khan” (formerly, “Budokan”) name refers to one of the most famous indoor arena of Tokyo (see it on Google Maps). This place is commonly used for martial arts competition, but sometimes it’s also used as a concert hall. Because of its excellent acoustics, many important artists and groups has performed concerts or recordings there, like Bob Dylan, Brian Adams, Pearl Jam, Avril Lavigne, Quincy Jones, Deep Purple, Blur… and so it gained many importance as a music hall. Because of that, Sony decided to give this name to the top player on that year, and to improve it, they accompanied the player with a pair of good closed headphones. (seen at the Wikipedia)

via Walkman Archive

The WM-DD100 Boodo Khan came with an amplifier that dynamically boosted the bass and the highs and produced a brilliant sound for its time. If you can find one, expect to pay top dollar. Unboxed units are going for $400+ and boxed units as high as $1,400.

(featured image courtesy of The Walkman Archive)

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