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Ed Power on David Bowie's drum & bass phase of the 90s

Bowie may have been afraid of Americans but his critics weren’t afraid of lambasting Earthling.

david bowie - earthling album cover

One of the most maligned eras of David Bowie’s musical legacy was his mid-to-late 90s forays into electronic music, particularly on ‘Earthling‘. Ed Power believed the criticism was harsh and wrote in defence of the album and Bowie’s D&B phase:

The idea that someone who had been putting out LPs for nearly three decades would still aspire to forging ahead creatively was regarded as absurd and slightly embarrassing. Especially at a time when younger artists – Blur and Oasis in particular – were unashamedly picking the pockets of pop’s past.

[…] Even today, Earthling does not always receive the credit it deserves among Bowie fans. Along with its 1995 cyber-noir predecessor Outside, there’s a case that it represents the most unheralded phase of his career. Still, those that liked it were steadfast in their enthusiasm.

Everyone’s a critic, right?

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