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Dwarf Nebula - I Feel Big As A Damn Mountain

Dwarf Nebula - I Feel Big As A Damn Mountain

The man of many aliases, Dwarf Nebula drops a new album.

Reality leaves quite a bit to the imagination, and that is where Dwarf Nebula comes in: a weirdo rapper with anxiety problems who treats each track like a therapy session.

That’s the opening sentence coming from the description of Dwarf Nebula’s new album, I Feel Big As A Damn Mountain. You may know Dwarf by other names: DarkoTheSuper and Doc Heller. Think of it this way: Darko is the original, Doc Heller is the “beat-crazy mad genius alter-ego” and Dwarf Nebula is… just another face of the crazy Darko dice.

The album is pretty deranged itself, with a wild mix of samples (produced by Doc Heller) and rhymes from Dwarf. The lyrics are said to have come from “Darko’s teachings” from when the two met in a poisoned apple-induced state of unconsciousness. Don’t worry, even I’m lost as to what the hell I’m saying. As for the audio aesthetics, they’re eclectic, fun and kinda out there.

Stream it below.

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