VIDEO: DXA – Ice’s Jazz


DXA get all jazzy with their new video for Ice’s Jazz.

Ah, jazz. Where would we be without it? It has inspired millions and provided rich content for sampling purposes, not only in hip hop but electronic music, rock, funk and so on. Ice’s Jazz is one of those tunes influenced heavily by the genre and it comes from DXA, a hip hop group from New York. From what started out as an experiment, made originally for a completely different project, the track began to “take on a life of its own” as the band professed, like a hip hop symbiote. For IceRocks, a member of the group, the track is a dedication to Gang Starr’s “DJ Premier in Deep Concentration” and Pete Rock’s “Pete’s Jazz”, with some sampling nods to Tribe’s “Jazz (We’ve Got). The video itself shows the group in the studio putting the whole thing together, with the main production involving nothing more than an E-MU SP1200 and Akai S950. Old school shit.

Stream it below.

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