Electric Street Orchestra (Waajeed) - Natives EP

Waajeed releases his Natives EP under his Electric Street Orchestra moniker.

We love Waajeed here at Sampleface. Under Bling47, he debunked the mysteries surrounding Dilla and as a member of the Platinum Pied Pipers, he put together some dope sample-based hip hop. But today, we’re talking about a new name and a new project.

Electric Street Orchestra is the techno side of Waajeed, influenced by the electronic music of his native Detroit. He spoke with Dummy Mag a few months ago about not wanting to be deified and the gentrification of his home city, a theme that fuelled his Natives EP.

It all starts very soft and simple on Reconstruct, with a slowly building melody that never reaches a full apex. However, this just whets the palate for more and Serpents provides the techno nutrients needed with a faster shuffling rhythm and a bouncing bass line. We won’t spoil the rest of it but it’s definitely worth your ears.

Buy it via Dirt Tech Reck.

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