Ella: The Lost Berlin Tapes

Ella: The Lost Berlin Tapes

Ella’s recently discovered Berlin tapes demonstrated her style and dynamism at her prime in 1962.

Ella Fitzgerald performed a show in Berlin in 1962 but the recording was presumed lost. That is until the tapes were discovered in an archive.

Here’s what Giovanni Russonello thought about it:

On the album, Fitzgerald is in her mid-40s, and well established as popular music royalty. Hear the breadth and depth of her vibrato, the way she uses strong breath to give rhythmic passages a punch, how she reinvents the melody to Ray Charles’s “Hallelujah! I Love Her So” as if her voice were a saxophone with words.

George W. Harris gave it a glowing review for Jazz Weekly:

There is a surfeit of hard hitting and exuberant swing here, something missing from today’s musicians and vocalists. Where did we go wrong?

Ella: The Lost Berlin Tapes is now available in stores and various streaming platforms and you can stream it on Spotify.

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