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Eric B & Rakim AREN’T Collaborating w/ Quasimoto So Here’s A Spotify Mix Instead

Eric B & Rakim To Collab With Quasimoto For New Album In 2017

Update: Yep, we read it wrong. Madlib’s long-snouted alter-ego will not be joining forces with Eric B & Rakim for their comeback album next year. So we’ve compiled a Spotify mix to save face.

It’s one thing to hear Eric B & Rakim announce a comeback, but another to hear of Quasimoto’s involvement and then find out it was all a joke. The Golden Age duo “made it official” on Twitter and Lord Quas added some fuel to the flames with the following Instagram post:

Proud to announce the reformation of Eric B, Rakim, and Quas. New album and tour in 2017.

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But it was all a ruse and many publications, including ourselves, fell for it. We initially deleted the post to avoid spreading fake news but then thought “why not turn it around?” So here’s a mix of 24 tracks from the duo and The Cosmic Yellow One. 35 combined years have passed since either act has released anything. Let’s hope we get something special from both of them, even if it’s separately.