Eric B & Rakim AREN’T Collaborating w/ Quasimoto So Here’s A Spotify Mix Instead

Eric B & Rakim To Collab With Quasimoto For New Album In 2017

Update: Yep, we read it wrong. Madlib’s long-snouted alter-ego will not be joining forces with Eric B & Rakim for their comeback album next year. So we’ve compiled a Spotify mix to save face.

It’s one thing to hear Eric B & Rakim announce a comeback, but another to hear of Quasimoto’s involvement and then find out it was all a joke. The Golden Age duo “made it official” on Twitter and Lord Quas added some fuel to the flames with the following Instagram post:

Proud to announce the reformation of Eric B, Rakim, and Quas. New album and tour in 2017.

A photo posted by Quasimoto (@quasimoto) on

But it was all a ruse and many publications, including ourselves, fell for it. We initially deleted the post to avoid spreading fake news but then thought “why not turn it around?” So here’s a mix of 24 tracks from the duo and The Cosmic¬†Yellow One. 35 combined years have passed since either act has released anything.¬†Let’s hope we get something special from both of them, even if it’s separately.

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