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EVENT: Wu-Tang 20th Anniversary Tour Comes To The UK

Wu-Tang will be back in the UK for their 20th Anniversary, so if you’re in the UK or can get here, it’s one not to be missed.

The legendary group is back gracing the UK with their presence set to tear the stage up for a show not to be missed. Over their 20 year life span as a collective The Wu-Tang Clan have been such a dominant force in Hip-Hop, film and television. Every Wu-Tang Fan’s have their favourites (mine are Rza, Meth, Gza and Rae) and if you haven’t seen “Man With The Iron Fists“… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! All rants aside, I believe it is a well written directed and sound tracked film that is worth a purchase especially as its Hip-Hop and Kung-fu (a match made in heaven if you ask me!) and the show will be a performance worth every penny.

The Wu will be playing at the following venues:

Get your tickets before they go on general sale from the above links and in the meanwhile I shall leave you with another favourite of mine that no only is dope track but it also conjures rather acutely “graffic” aspect of childhood nostalgia of playing the Wu-Tang Shaolin Style/Taste The Pain games on the original Playstation. Especially the times figuring out how to do that move with Rza’s sword fatality where you used to throw the sword up so it spun, then did a spinning kick to hit the sword into your opponent impaling them on a wall… Ahhh the memories.. haha

Enjoy (if you used to play them you will definitely remember this track!!)


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