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Kanye West, Def Jam & Stones Throw Being Sued For Uncleared Sample


Labels and artists have become the subject of a lawsuit for illegal use of the Bumpin’ Bus Stop sample.

And the uncleared sample stories just keep on coming. After the lawsuit filed against RZA comes another, with a much wider reach. According to numerous sources, Kanye West (amongst others) is being “sued by the family of the late David Pryor, member of Thunder & Lightning, for use of their 1974 track “Bumpin’ Bus Stop.” In Kanye’s case, he used the part where Pryor shouted “get down” on his hit single “Golddigger” (the sample was used with the hook “get down, girl, go ‘head get down”). The family are reportedly looking for “millions” but I can’t see them getting full payouts from everyone. After all, Clyde Stubblefield hasn’t for his Funky Drummer break, even if he wanted to. To get the full extent of who is being sued, check the list below of all the artists who have used the sample in some form of another. Well, as far as we know anyway. If this opens a floodgate, artists like Kanye West might feel the brunt as this isn’t the first time he has been involved with uncleared samples

Artists who have used the Bumpin’ Bus Stop sample.