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Every Noise At Once – A Clickable Music Genre Map


Every genre and sub-genre you can think of… on a map. That’s what data designer Glenn McDonald has put together.

Want to keep up-to-date with all the new musical fads out there? Have no idea what folk metal sounds like (I didn’t even know that existed until today)? Well, this might be the website for you. Glenn McDonald, who works with data and semantics for a living has put together a map of music genres where you can click and find all the relevant musicians under those genre names. The map is algorithmically-generated and uses genres and artists positioned by data inputted. In a nutshell, this is incredibly sophisticated and covers anything you could possibly think of. If you’re a sampling producer, this could be quite a handy “world music map” to have if you want to explore some exotic music for your next project. Turbo folk? Why the hell not?!