Happy Birthday, James Brown!

James Brown - Get On The Good Foot (Live)

We wish James Brown a heavenly 80th birthday with some classic videos and performances.

The Godfather of Soul, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Soul Brother Number One. Whatever you chose to call him, James Brown gave every last drop of sweat to his music and his live performances and today marks the 80th anniversary of his birth. The pivotal role in the development of soul and funk, JB gained a reputation for being a strict band leader, fining his band members for missteps. But apart from all of that, his music got you up dancing without fail and that had a profound effect on two of the biggest pop musicians the world has ever seen, Michael Jackson and Prince, and his spirit in hip hop can still be felt to this day. So, to acknowledge James Brown and his soul power, stream some of his best moments and some of his hilarious ones below.

Get Involved/Soul Power – Live TV Performance 1971


James Brown – I Feel Good (Legends of Rock ‘n’ Roll)

James Brown - I Feel Good (Legends of Rock 'n' Roll)

James Brown gives you dancing lessons

James Brown gives you dancing lessons

James Brown with Michael Jackson, 2006

James Brown Dies (Tribute w/ Michael Jackson)

James Brown with Michael Jackson and Prince

Michael Jackson and Prince on stage with James Brown (1983)

Drunk James Brown

James Brown Drunk (Full Version)

Funky Drummer

James Brown Funky Drummer
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