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VIDEO: Exile vs. Kanye – I Am A God


Not too keen on Yeezus? Maybe you’ll enjoy Exile’s live MPC flip of I Am A God. We did.

We can always count on Exile to serve up something hot on his MPC, especially when it’s live. So when we heard he did a live remake of Kanye’s I Am A God on his trust 2000XL, we were on it like Sonic. And we weren’t disappointed. Proceedings start with a bit of a glitch trap arrangement (a style that might have sounded better on Yeezus) before Exile really comes into his own with a hard knocking beat display, some techno in the middle and then he just, well… fucks around and makes some triple doubles, MPC style. Oh and a random part where he gets kissed whilst spinning on his chair. Hey, the guy deserves it.

Stream it below and keep your eye out for his forthcoming album “Zip Disks and Floppies” out 20th August on The Dirty Science.