The Akai MPC (1988-Present)

Akai’s iconic sampler has been around for over 30 years with fruitful timeline. Think of a producer, any producer. They’ve used an Akai MPC at some point or at the very least they’ve wished they had one. Much like the Fairlight and Mellotron before them, the Akai MPC has been a hardware staple in music …

The Akai MPC 3000

How J Dilla Humanized The MPC3000

Estelle Caswell discussed how J Dilla made his MPC3000 musical for Vox. Many musicians are synonymous with their instrument of choice – Jimi and his guitar, Questlove and his drums, Dorothy Ashby and her harp. And then there’s J Dilla and his MPC3000. In effect, J Dilla was a Jimi, Questlove, and Dorothy thanks to …

J Dilla - Donuts
Hip Hop

eLiMenCe - Out of Ram

Imagine a whole set made out of a single record. That’s exactly what eLiMenCe has done with “Out of Ram”. According to eLiMenCE, all of the beats on this set contain samples from one record with accompanying drums from one drum kit created from random sounds. But the origins of the name “Out of Ram” is …


The Akai MPC Touch

Akai release their latest sampler, the MPC Touch. MIDI controllers, drum machines and samplers (most combine the technology of all three) are constantly evolving and now Akai have upped the ante with the MPC Touch. The Japanese company have implemented a 7″ multi-touchscreen to their “music production center”, adding the capability to drag and chop …