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Freddy Bracker – Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops

Freddy Bracker - Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops

Belgian producer Freddy Bracker gives “a retrospect of the daily” with Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops. With an SP-202, DR-202, MPC2000XL, MiniNova and a lot of patience at his disposal, Freddy Bracker brings us Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops, an urban smörgåsbord of samples and ever-shifting rhythms. The textures are accentuated by the samplers because sometimes you need …

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The Akai MPC Touch

Akai release their latest sampler, the MPC Touch. MIDI controllers, drum machines and samplers (most combine the technology of all three) are constantly evolving and now Akai have upped the ante with the MPC Touch. The Japanese company have implemented a 7″ multi-touchscreen to their “music production center”, adding the capability to drag and chop …

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