Hip Hop

eLiMenCe - Out of Ram

Imagine a whole set made out of a single record. That’s exactly what eLiMenCe has done with “Out of Ram”. According to eLiMenCE, all of the beats on this set contain samples from one record with accompanying drums from one drum kit created from random sounds. But the origins of the name “Out of Ram” is …


The Akai MPC Touch

Akai release their latest sampler, the MPC Touch. MIDI controllers, drum machines and samplers (most combine the technology of all three) are constantly evolving and now Akai have upped the ante with the MPC Touch. The Japanese company have implemented a 7″ multi-touchscreen to their “music production center”, adding the capability to drag and chop …


Interview: Davu Flint

We interviewed Philly’s Davu Flint about his musical upbringing, how his home state has moulded his music and another life as an international gigolo.

Hip Hop

How Did I Miss That: Fredfades & Ivan Ave - Breathe

Norwegian duo Fredfades & Ivan Ave dropped their EP, entitled Breathe, in February and we’re only just getting round to hearing it. Better late than never… Oslo, home to over 600,000 people, Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream and a pair of the dopest hip hop artists you’ll find this side of the North Sea. …


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Akai's MPC60 Training Video Ft. Roger Linn

The sampling landscape was changed forever when industrial designer Roger Linn joined forces with technology company Akai to create the MPC60. In this week’s Throwback Thursday, we take a look at the training video for this innovative piece of music history. Here’s a question for you samplers out there: did your sampler come with a …


TECHNOLOGY: Akai Release MPC Element

Akai add another “element” to their MPC range with the MPC Element, billed “the most affordable MPC ever”. The competition rages on as Akai have introduced a brand new animal into the wild that is the pad controller jungle. The MPC Element comes as part of their new MPC Essentials software and costs just $150 …