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Loe Pesci Dedicates A Love Song To His MPC60 In “My Sampler”

The Canadian rapper shows his true feelings towards the classic Akai sampler on a hilarious track.


We ADORE samplers and sampling. If we didn’t, we’d just be called “Face” and get hounded for copyright infringement but this guy takes that passion to a whole new level. Loe Pesci is a Montreal-based rapper and on “My Sampler” he waxes lyrical about his MPC60 and just how much he loves the iconic Akai machine. The video depicts Pesci sleeping with his MPC60, smoking with her in bed and playing in the park and having meals in restaurants. No joke. Well, it’s quite obviously a joke but this was one of the main criticisms thrown at Pesci on an internet forum where the posters were hoping for more serious lyricism. They’re just jealous because they don’t understand this 12-bit sampling love like WE do.

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