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Freddy Bracker - Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops

Freddy Bracker - Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops

Belgian producer Freddy Bracker gives “a retrospect of the daily” with Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops.

With an SP-202, DR-202, MPC2000XL, MiniNova and a lot of patience at his disposal, Freddy Bracker brings us Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops, an urban smörgåsbord of samples and ever-shifting rhythms. The textures are accentuated by the samplers because sometimes you need that 12-bit grit. Stand out tracks include NL023.All I Smoke, NL026.Diamant Groove, and NL025.Nobody But Loop.

The back story is out there too.

After escaping space-captivity, Freddy got stuck on planet earth due to a teleporting malfunction. These grooves and loops are his description of earth’s daily reality, while he works on repairing his teleporting device. City grooves, subway smell, park hangouts, night shopping, brunch vibes, traffic jams and such.

Liner notes from Bandcamp

Stream Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops on Bandcamp.

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