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Freddy Bracker – Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops

Freddy Bracker - Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops

Belgian producer Freddy Bracker gives “a retrospect of the daily” with Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops.

With an SP-202, DR-202, MPC2000XL, MiniNova and a lot of patience at his disposal, Freddy Bracker brings us Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops. Not to sound cliché but this is a gritty urban smörgåsbord of samples and ever-shifting rhythms. The textures are accentuated by the hardware, adding to the audible grime. Stand out tracks include NL023.All I Smoke, NL026.Diamant Groove, and NL025.Nobody But Loop.

Stream Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops below.