MusicRadar's best drum machines and samplers of 2020

Akai MPC One

Their list featured the likes of Akai, Maschine, and Behringer.

MusicRadar, the #1 site for musicians, ranked the 9 best samplers and drum machines of this year based on recommendations they received.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, physical space, and any kind of sponsorship deals (music tech companies, if you’re reading, we’re available for reviews), I wasn’t able to experience any of these machines. But the samplers that caught my eye were:

  • Akai MPC One because it’s an MPC so of course it did
  • Akai MPC Live II (see above)
  • Native Instruments Maschine+ because that build is gorgeous

However, I did acquire two “new” samplers this year: an SP-404 (formerly owned by Ajmw) and a PreSonus Atom. The latter has served me well making beats during lockdown while I’ve not had time to get into the 404 (yet).

What samplers or drum machines have you used this year—new or old? Let us know in the comments.

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