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Sampleface Five: Free Music Samples

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If you need free samples, look no further as the links from this list contain over a million music samples, all royalty-free.

(Note: none of these links are sponsored)

You already know the deal—Sampleface loves music sampling. SF also loves freebies (who doesn’t) so it would make sense to do a Sampleface Five for free music samples, right?

Below is a list of 5 vendors offering free royalty-free samples to use in your projects without a need for sample clearances.

1. Samplified’s Free Sample Packs and Loops

First up is Samplified offering a small selection of free sample packs from the likes of Medasin and Flume. Definitely worth checking them out as well as their selection of paid samples at affordable prices.

2. MusicRadar’s 70,000+ free music samples

MusicRadar is well known for its SampleRadar page, home to over 70,000 free music samples covering every genre you can think of: pop, funk, hip hop, afrobeats, ambient, electro, you name it.

3. The Famous Company’s 1 million free audio samples

Claiming to have links for a million samples is bold but it looks like it checks out (I’m not going to count them). You’ve got everything in this list including some old BBC Radio 1 Xtra samples where you could still preview them via RealAudio!

4. Samples From Mars’s free hardware samples

I’ve been a fan of Samples From Mars for a while and I highly recommend their free hardware samples. From MPC2000 to 808s, SFM has you covered. Check out their drum and synth samples and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Shuttershock’s free royalty-free samples

Shuttershock is synonymous with stock photos but they also offer a decent collection of royalty-free samples, from instrumentals to percussion and vocal loops. A dark horse in the game for sure.

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