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FREE DOWNLOAD: BigGroove – Sunrise for Breakfast


Another Throwback Thursday but this time from our own BigGroove and it’s a free track called Sunrise for Breakfast.

BigGroove likes to put tracks up on Soundcloud every now and again as most users do. They might be quick drafts or full tracks but they all have an element of soul and feeling in them. After all, the guy is an instrumentalist and a dope producer. Sunrise for Breakfast is apparently an old track of his and while he may think it’s too long, I didn’t feel myself reaching for the pause button or wanting to X out of the tab at all. In fact, I was wondering who it was so I could be ready to hit that love heart! For anyone with a fear of long instrumentals that don’t have more turns and changes than a Formula 1 track, this might be a good time to adapt. The synth strings that run throughout are warm and aurally smooth while the interspersed melodies draw you in every so often; enough to keep you aware of the music without getting bored. Relaxation music at its best. Maybe something for your next meditation session?

Stream/download it below.