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Fresh Kils & Mat Labatt – Building A U​.​F​.​O.

Fresh Kils & Mat Labatt – Building A U​.​F​.​O. album cover

They come in beats. I mean peace. Well, actually both!

Producers Fresh Kils and Mat Labatt have joined forces to give us a “doosy of a release”. It’s called ‘Building A U.F.O.‘ and it’s inspired by alien abductee and self-proclaimed UFO engineer, David Hamel.

A decade ago, one of my old mentors, Mat Labatt, during one of his routine digs at Goodwill, unearthed a rare VHS copy of a student documentary done on David Hamel. His story, that during alien abductions and visitations throughout his life, he had been shown the inner workings of UFO’s, captivated us.

David Hamel spoke of extraterrestrials flying him low over northern Ontario, where he would move, in search of its significance. That area of the Canadian Shield, it turned out, was rich in red granite, one of the substances on earth most resistant to magnetism. Equipped with what little information and know how he possessed, he would spend the remainder of his days attempting to reconstruct what he’d seen on the UFO. Building working perpetual motion machines with circular magnets, and integrating a granite chassis, it was said he may have even been successful.

Inspired and emboldened by his tale, Mat Labatt and I would begin a journey to build a spinning disc of our own, and “Building A U.F.O.” was born. Initially available only on vinyl with drums and samples on the B side, we desired to keep it a boutique release. Today we launch it on all digital platforms for your enjoyment.

Our concept was to keep the beats rolling over, constantly changing and moving forward, and with the drums and samples, encourage you to build your own. Excited to finally share it with y’all!

If this was the first thing aliens heard after making contact with Earth, I think they’d come in peace. The drums and rhythms are out of this world, pun intended! But I’d tell them to hold off for a few years given the current world situation.

Stream the album below and buy it on vinyl.

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