FreshVibez x SupaGroovalistic x BrookLille – SupaFresh Beats (Mixtape)

FreshVibez x SupaGroovalistic x BrookLille - SupaFresh Beats (Mixtape)

Don’t sleep on FreshVibez collaborative mixtape with SupaGroovalistic and BrookLille.

Being busy with other Sampleface posts and developments of late, we kinda slept on this mixtape from our partners over in France. We can only apologise profusely for the oversight as the mixtape is fire! FreshVibez got together with fellow French blogs/zines SupaGroovalistic and BrookLille to present a selection of experimental hip-hop beats. The mixtape itself was produced by DJ Ango DJ & Skevitz who run the radio show for Supagroovalistic every Tuesday, so this is a proper MIXtape. But who’s on it? Well, you’ve got names like SNKA, Mecca:83, Abjo, Bugseed and Somepling.

Stream it below.

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