Future x Sounds 2020 Virtual Sessions with Black Milk

Black Milk using his MPC Touch and Ableton on his laptop for a beat set

Black Milk joined Quelle Chris and Aaron Abernathy on a live stream for Future x Sounds and performed a dope beat set which you can watch here.

Back in June, I had the pleasure of watching Future x Sounds 2020 Virtual Sessions, a live stream featuring Black Milk, Aaron Abernathy, and Quelle Chris. The trio came together to create a track called ‘Maybe’ and the stream featured Quelle Chris and Aaron Abernathy discussing the track and their feelings about Black Lives Matter.

At the end, Black Milk played an exclusive beat set showcasing old and new beats with added instrumentation and percussion. It was a welcome relief from all the violence and atrocities at the time (and they still continue); a chance to find solace in Blackness and creativity.

About Future x Sounds

Future x Sounds is a series of live events that give influential artists a chance to share their creativity with communities and elevate them. Through these experiences, artists and attendees can discuss the world around them and use their time together to shape a better world.

Collaboration Sessions Vol. I

‘Maybe’ will feature on a Future x Sounds compilation called ‘Collaboration Sessions Vol. I’, with all proceeds going to organizations helping families affected by COVID-19 and fighting for social justice, including:

  • Detroit Justice Center
  • Zero Campaign
  • Beauty 2 the Streetz
  • Trombone Shorty Foundation

There was a Kickstarter campaign which was successful so when it drops, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, stream Black Milk’s live set for Future x Sounds 2020 Virtual Sessions below.

Future x Sounds 2020 Virtual Sessions - Black Milk
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