Thelonious Martin Dissects 'makeitbetter' For 247HH

Thelonious Martin Dissects 'makeitbetter' For 247HH

The Chicago producer talks about Dilla, meeting Madlib, and how he approached the production of ‘makeitbetter’.

Thelonious Martin Dissects 'makeitbetter' For 247HH

An oldie but a goodie as they say. Back in 2018, Thelonious Martin discussed how he made ‘makeitbetter’, the intro track from his second annual Dilla tribute tape, ‘A Dozen For Dilla Volume 2’, for 247HH.

That’s my Michael Jordan; so, like, for me, it’s learning to fade away, it’s learning to cross over, it’s sticking the tongue out, it’s the whole thing. I feel like I try to be the Kobe Bryant to the Michael Jordan.

Thelonious Martin describing J Dilla

Alongside a verbal tribute to J Dilla, Martin dissects the beat on ‘makeitbetter’, the chops he used, and his overall technique for sampling. He also touched on crate digging and finding patterns and familiar techniques after a while.

It’s a really insightful look into how an incredible producer approaches their craft and for anyone—beginner or veteran—should watch this and get inspired.

Stream it below.

Thelonious Martin - makeitbetter (247HH King Beats)
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