E-Digging and Crate Digging: A Collection of Posts

crate digging

Find resources and inspiration with our e-digging/crate digging article collection.

We’ve done the research and deemed it necessary to bring all our favourite digging articles together. Whether you enjoy getting dusty in the crates or scouring the internet for vinyl rips, this list should have you covered.

What is e-digging?

E-digging, short for electronic digging, describes the concept of looking for music on the internet. Digging refers to the traditional form of searching for records in music stores (more on that below). Places like YouTube, Reddit, vinyl rip blogs, and Spotify are great e-digging resources, allowing users to hear music they may not have physical access to otherwise.

What is crate digging?

Crate digging is the process of searching for music, particularly vinyl records, in record stores. The crates refer to wooden or plastic crates that used to hold records (and they’re still used today although it’s illegal to use milk crates for anything other than milk in countries like the USA, Canada and Australia – fun fact!).

List of articles on e-digging and crate digging

egon's record collection on crate diggers
Egon, talking about his record collection on Crate Diggers

No matter how you dig, it’s a fun experience. There will always be treasure online or “in the wild”. You just have to get your hands a little dirty first.

Psst! You can watch Brasilintime below, an incredible documentary filmed in São Paulo by Coleman and B+. Stones Throw’s finest dig through Brazilian crates and meet some Brazilian music legends. Dilla was also on the trip but due to illness, he had to leave before footage could be taken. The iconic image of Dilla and Madlib stooped over records was taken during that trip.

Brasilintime Documentary (ft. Madlib,babu,cut Chemist)
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