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Need Some Sample Inspiration? Get An Internet Radio


Finding yourself stuck in a sampling rut is hell. An internet radio might be your way out.

I’d like to think if you’re reading this, you already own a record player as that’s the great foundation for sampling. Some people already have a laptop and the urge to rip from vinyl blogs and YouTube is greater and cheaper. But perhaps you’ve got the record player and you don’t like the idea of e-digging – where else could you go? Look no further than the internet radio.

Not long after starting my music technology degree, I came across a video of Quantic using a Vtech IS9181 WiFi Internet Radio to find music from around the world to sample, demonstrating the power and reach of the device. A year before that, Exile did something similar and created the album Radio. It’s a brilliant idea to get the creative juices flowing and the technology is a lot cheaper. I own a Roth KRadio and have access to stations from around the world, from spoken word to sports stations to Asian music channels. Set up is pretty simple and you could just find a jam nobody else has ever heard. Having Shazam or Soundhound to hand is also recommended in case you want to explore the artist or group you’ve heard a bit more.