VIDEO: Watch DOOM On A Villainous Adventure Abroad


The metal masked villain DOOM releases a video from Cuba talking about upcoming music and other stuff.

This is one of those times where actions speak louder than words. While we still wait for Madvillainy 2, the super villain has released a video for Hypetrak from a remote island in Cuba. In it, he explains there’s “a lot of good shit coming up this year,” also adding “I know I’ve been off y’all’s scope for awhile because I’ve been in the cut. I’ve been healing and resting up and shit. Getting ready to fuck y’all up.” The background beat in the video is supposedly an instrumental for “Lively Good”, a cut off DOOMSTARKS. Remember that, the Ghostface Killah collab album? You’ll forgive us for being impatient but the 3+ minute video is pretty cool and we’re glad to see DOOM in high spirits (probably in all senses of the word).

Stream it below.

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