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VIDEO: G FrSH & RKZ – Burban In The Booth (BBC Radio 1xtra)


Rappers G FrSH and our own RKZ jumped on an Asian beat for Nihal’s Burban In The Booth on Radio 1 last night.

It’s always nice to see someone from Sampleface repping their craft, especially on a platform as big as BBC Radio 1. Last night, RKZ stepped into the Radio 1xtra studio for Nihal’s Burban In The Booth alongside G FrSH and the pair traded a couple of verses over They Call Me Jack’s Algoze Players. For those unaware of the show’s premise, “Burban” is a combination of “brown” and “urban”, or more specifically, South Asian music and urban music coming together. Needless to say both guys melted their mics by the end of the show.

Stream the Burban In The Booth set below, listen to Nihal’s full show on the Radio 1xtra website and read the lyrics RKZ spat on Rap Genius.