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VIDEO: Quasimoto – Catchin’ The Vibe


Quasimoto’s video for Catchin’ The Vibe is surreal, brilliant and ready to stream.

I won’t hold back in saying this is one of my favourite hip hop videos in the past few years. Catchin’ The Vibe is a track off Quasimoto’s latest album of unreleased beats, Yessir Whatever, and the video matches the psilocybin-induced vibes on Lord Quas’ debut. Hell, even the title links up with it. Amongst the visuals, we see a peculiar beast collecting eggs and cans in between getting held at gunpoint by a young hoodlum and making his own records in his dreary shanty house (all filmed in Poland). Question is: who’s in that monster costume? And where was Quasimoto?

Stream the video below.